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    The vigilant silver eyes of heaven look at me alone in the darkness that increases silence, in mortal time I burn the lanterns of candles, like the star sparks of hope-glories wishing to renew and I look at the tiny new ray of hope that might beautify the turn of tomorrow's fate and try to instill renewed confidence in the home of my morphing soul with a karakan will! – Now winter is sheer and hibernated

    already in solitude, the blessed Mother Nature is secretly preparing to jump into the stem again with its crowned sunbeams! Where is the angel-looking Ladybug dear to me now with the smile of the stars? He looked at me with the eyes of two gentle button chestnuts, and when the weakness was poisoned many times with self-pity, he chased the ash-colored clouds over the ominous sky of my head with a single gloomy look like Eden garden harmony!

    I get up in the morning with the sacred hope of every day, and I can only hope that the new beginning that offers the opportunity may be more among the pliers of my firm determined and stubborn will than the end of Fate doomed to mortality!

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