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    One must first keep track of not growing up too soon! Stay a clown, a joking conductor for a lifetime like a gray and annihilated orphan among strangers! For if you break into the human public consciousness early on, you will forget about being an adult too soon, and what it can mean somewhere inside and deep in hidden unrecognizability: Being and staying an eternal child!


    – Even self-forgetfully rejoice in
    to blow the birthday candles with a wide open good mood with the tiniest and seemingly insignificant things and a face that gives pearls of happiness! Whether there are still people on earth who can rejoice together in the mischievous and very sincere world of inner childhood – is important to me to symbolically detain all the childish lifestyles of my very youthful life: the glorious gift of playfulness, jokes, and perhaps self-forgetful and heart-warming laughter, because unfortunately I am especially terrified of the absolutely growing and emerging

    from adults: from the excessive and therefore extremely hard, disciplined rigor, the often sadly miserable nature of becoming gray and homogeneous, and the very warlike and folk masses of those pursuing a commanding lifestyle! Hair! – If the only clear, honest and cohesive common point could be deciphered: through which they rotate and work many times too complicated and undesirable things one might feel good in one’s own, individual skin, which I see less and less today!

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