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    Mischievous child voices haunt the merry and perfect morning hour by hour, nervously fiddling with lightning knives between the six-story elephant towers of the houses, and the Sun threatens. And like a fashion flower popping from a needle, heaven steps with fairy steps as the states of existence of heaven on earth, ladies!

    They walk pleasantly – vibrating, scorching the sweet scent of their scorching air in the city -, mischievous and winking many times, and living consciences who always know something: On the net pliers of thoughts, they want to bring together an innocent and secret date or a firefly of beetle-eye flirting and brave, macho, hesitant or very hungry men thirsting for new pleasure adventures!

    In one all-encompassing magic moment, the life fooling the deceiver boils from the overflowing volcanic outbursts of intellect today! A series of fallen and fragile blunders and reckless sins! Never end a life-and-death struggle with ceaseless rebirth!

    Full of excitement and a dangerous fate-destiny today on the street, in the storms of emotions, their seduction tricks show indecisive, using all their secret weapons, the seductive ladies. Heaven, fly, come, and disappear, blessed-hearted bride candidates for bohemian, mature summer flowering!
    And after each one, the men's hearts hammering frantically want to conquer, crowding in secret! For me, the rivalry light and the overly arrogant beauty ideal – do not matter much! All people are incapable of accepting the unchangeable reality, and some dreams that overthrow vain dreams: Beauty is transient, and it is better for our headgear to be covered early by the hoarfrost that sends transience as a glitter of dense powdered sugar.

    A magpie testifying to the meaningfully served days! There are more concise and fateful moments between the gears of existence, and like mere beauty and immeasurable, ambitious glorification! – Raising children, housekeeping, and spiritual companions who understand and touch every painful beat of our hearts with an X-ray soul: The heart of the earthly incarnation!

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