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  • Sealed life-law

    ( V. K. with love )

    I can only hope that one day we will truly and definitively unite our bellflower hearts with an eternal oath on the true altar of sincere love! I know, although the ethereal and orchid waves of your voice are many hundreds of miles away, it still soothes and calms in me the sinful thrills of my desperate half-heartedness if I can only listen to the long and witness stories of your life! 

    I sway the shy and chattering little child in myself in the power of your mother! I was afraid of the final and relentlessly ruining the future that you would soon fall into the tissues of my life and now you could leave at any minute! With greedy diligence, your life organs can be demanded by a fatal and relentless law: Death! – Maybe that's why I feel selfish and existent with my stubborn faith when you waste the waves of your tender sunflower hair on me, who is already going out of his era anyway,

    and it is not a choice of a karakan and a soul-strong, faithful human oath who can accompany you faithfully and persistently throughout the seasonal changes of your changing eras! I am afraid that at an accelerated pace, as the minutes of my overturned and urged hourglass will be condemned to cremation and dust, with your heart-squeezing gift eye-beads, you are still faithful

    with devotion as an honest friend and a pardoning soul mate, you would stand by me all the time! I have given the keys of my being as a gift to the secret and hidden halo cups of your heart, and tell me what else can I do to be together and raise our grandchildren with humanity?! Only that killer passing is the thought of an unchangeable and at the same time judgmental farewell: It scares, repels, and scares me, though I didn’t have to fear with jealous care when I was just born and born! 

    Maybe that's why I'm afraid of new acquaintances and moments of joy in relationships, that the angel who broke and met with a healthy heart may disappear and I don't know, whether the doubtful future will be merciful to them? I hope it fits and we must strive in the will to believe that perhaps with a common cohesive will we can succeed in passing on values to this prodigal posterity! This is the secret, at the same time, of people being sincerely loved remembering!

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