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    ( Slowly turning to myself )

    Believe me with a calm and reconciled heart: I was just a little stubborn and lying with my child's head! And for only one comforting eternal grasp moment-percence, I believed that my mother would always forgive me, and her humble hand, who shared a blessing, would always comfort me!

    “I just started some inexplicable secret-workshop thought work: With which in my reborn Prometheus-treker, the thought – which wing test you can conceive - sometimes I feel, that the incomprehensible world of interest strikes back with the immediate deception of my sincerity and closes to the prison of silence! – I thought – many times in my sizzling dormancy on the coral islands of my dreams -, that the little man – inside - even weakly laughs at my struggling life-slap and inspiration-giving gray everyday life!

    And it seemed to be clear from the temptations of many bribing and hypocritical soul mirrors that the true holy word is a barely walkable way today: And in many cases the stone-walled Paul turn is worth more, even the sober and honest truth! And in vain is any supposed or real self-deception – that man sold his personality and himself in the hope of long-awaited success 

    the indelible scarlet fever of conscience may remain for a long time! Yet, defending ourselves with confident rock-purpose consciousness and taking the armor of morality as a sure refuge, we should retain ourselves doomed to all fall: Man! And man, if you’re really thoughtfully thinking, wait for ten bell words thoughtfully as a beat of your heartbeat before you decide!