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    Belated certainty became difficult. Amidst the tingly and curious shells of pheasant chicks feathering to their heart's content, some of them always miss romantic flies.

    Fewer and fewer people can understand the pleasure-intoxication of tickling flirtations and pleasing bouquets of compliments, when they talk and walk in a crowded crowd of people, just like the consumer-coquettes doing business.

    All of them are purchasable prophets, and there is no greater sin than that honest-true love is written by material well-being and dreams of luxury. And if the wife is only twenty-two, while the groom is standing with half a foot in the grave, worried about Viagra.

    Even so, it's easy to get something that's squishy and expensive - that it costs a thirtieth of that. The intoxicating dream-intoxication of success or the self-destructive bitterness of failure is becoming increasingly common these days. In days that rot into an unbalanced balance, everything is connected to everything.

    I have never been a winking accomplice among potential victims, who could have known when his lies would be worth?! The one with whom I wanted to bond with a pure heart stepped into the field of betrayal and long ago banished the once sacred and faithful gift days.

    At the commissary walls of responsibility, stupid thieves beat me too. When and who can be honestly right? In the planned arrangement, man is always a tiny speck of dust. How finite my life can be is infinite. He regrets something, but even then something is faithfully preserved by the loyal heart.

    Amidst the barrage of false interests, my silent tongue and judgmental will always stutter the truth. Here, any happiness believed to be more real can be complete with a lasting existence. - The uncertain present is still pregnant with concrete legs - but already in the far-off future, gallows are being built for freelance cultures.

    Out there, between the shackles of your face, the massive, pus-filled shock roars and teases you until it finally kneads the metamorphosis of filthy souls. Everyone feels bad in the midst of crackling brainwashed madness.