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    I am an experimental person! I am writing down the sentences, or even stanzas, of the fruitful and reborn Prometheus lines of my thoughts as a sign of numbers that testify: One should not just relax and be entertained, but should reflect on the eternal guidelines and messages of the works of writers and authors!

    I'm human! So I have a greater responsibility than those who do not vibrate with the rhythmic vascular system of the world, or do not even think at all! Responsibility blessed with rock-hope: Humanity of conscience, the fact that you are also responsible, because you are an actively creating part of the world is more important than any pre-planned compass goal!

    I complain a lot! With a half-hearted confession of self-pity, I look at how it is possible to reach a peace agreement with a profit-seeking century that tramples people as individual individuals? I know very well: What would be possible with selfless acceptance and understanding that wants to help and supports opportunities should be achieved, acted upon and fulfilled with the rock-solid willpower of determination!

    Today, people's thoughts run on only one thing, which overrides the heart-laws, emotions and actions: The only thing that matters is that they get rich! – preferably with as little effort as possible, and perhaps as quickly as possible, and where are the family evenings conveying intimate harmony and happiness, touching idyllic hearts? I will become the favorite food delicacy of industrious graveyard beetles that destroy everything, when my fearfully preserved digital letters or my remaining letters on paper are sold by money and interest-driven hands in the hope of increasing profit, or as junk, a manuscript suffering from the disease of pallor: My entire existence is thrown away.

    They fall into the irreversible annihilation of soon-to-be forgetfulness! Everyone who does not hesitate - that witnessing words and letters have a thought-provoking responsible law, it should never be squandered for purchasable ranks, - because what we once created in earthly existence and had done with creative responsibility, the witnessing posterity reads it over our heads anyway!

    Never forget that you have become a conscious creator of value and a witness with numbers - surely there will come in nice orderly lines who will help you remember -, be the only fragment of value that is worth your fingerprint, and your fertile solitude: when you have judged yourself as a pitiful prodigal by your own decision, fill the inaccessible by you your created works are mortal, but all the more testifying with their lines!

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