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    For my illness, you give me medicine as a gift, every day, with a sincere and clear conscience alive from your crimson chalices! – It is because of you that within my skull of incorporeal and malleable matter they condense into a solid thought and undertake: the angelic glories of the Hearts of Love: that I can be here with you and feel you in my arms, all outcasts and therefore stateless! After all, every minute I watch with more and more diligent and persistent passion: how ticks are pulsating
    the twilight-colored star of your heart like a secret ticker: the Hopeful soul bell! If every day and every few minutes the frost braided my hair like a glorious laurel wreath, you would keep my remembering and contemplative youth in me! Because you are an island and a harbor, it matures inside you, like the foam pearls of the secret sea in drops! You give when the iron teeth of agony grip me: Pure devotion that gives birth to peace, tranquility, and harmony, and sincere help!

    Day by day you create and mature in yourself as a Phoenix bird the ever-renewing True and eternal excellent sincerity of your love! With you I can and want to - if you allow me to exist - to live again, as a single and unbreakable whole! Please don't go if you're bored forever being a child and one-eyed clown, but rather be a child from the inside with sufficient patience and helpful, cheerful good humor: You are yourself!

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