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    The stripped-down monologues are now without costumes: a bare prison-cage without mattresses! The old legend is already becoming a skilled fraud! The bewitched spell becomes a flickering reality: a teardrop hiding in deer stars! – The deep-rooted destruction of Decayed Dusk unleashes the distorted darkness in its wake! Gangster underworlds show themselves off as sleighs! I would try to believe with a child's trust in the Goodness present in everyone, the impulse that they can come on the wings of a helping-merciful Angel! If only there were a secret tunnel, through which even the tests of Being wouldn't seem so complicated! For a single moment, I could see the precious Lady with a petal heart, who comforts and heals more and more with her gaze!

    Unconditional love, involuntary devotion are just the giving crumbs of fairy tales; my palpable fear-anxiety reigns in the well-deep of my wandering-soul and gives voice countless times when questioned! The hunch of restless Shadows can promise neither salvation nor peace! Secretly lurking ghosts-worms chase each other through the bars of the night and even crash into blind walls themselves!

    Perhaps, if I had time left, I could bear it more bravely, how could it be possible to be loved by breaking down my own conscience into parts?! - The hope of the angels could be lulled into a redemptive dream in the lap of a swan: the lost child in me turned into a sniffing wild animal, cramped, who could not grow up so that his vulnerability could remain!

    In the night, the bat-like dawn always gives new life as another chance to survive; look at my soul and see with your heart so you can understand what it is - what else moves me?!

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