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    I would like to go back
    When all that remains of me is dust and ashes,
    It is never easy to forget the taste of moments of Everything,
    the immortal star view of the One-Someone, and life.
    It's so hard to forget that it could have been a small wooden house
    on the edge of a restless, capricious ocean,
    the tinkling sound of true pearls and shells,
    the intimate harmony of romantic, balmy evenings.

    Two little, toddler angels would have built sand castles
    among soft sand dunes, understanding is the main motivating force for good brothers. And while the sole fillet would have been roasted on coals, and the sweet potato Kedvesem would have baked crab cakes on open flames.

    Like a gentle, restless ghost from the other world, Hamlet's ghost,
    I would tread carefully on the sighs of my past and memories,
    I would just like to see if there is still empathy-tolerance among people, and if contemporary and modern fell for each other?!
    I would only listen to the melodious voice of the Dear one, as he calls me from a distance through his tears, because I will hold his hand,
    and kiss his heart of gold.

    And to look and see, to feel sadly and painfully that it is eternal love
    it turned out to be just a one-night, easily forgettable adventure between two thoughtless teenagers, and why do mothers leave their little ones on the banks of the stream, in the cages of incubators?!

    And look: I wonder if my dead father has forgiven me, and is he still implacably stubborn, like in his Toldi heyday, while my mother
    he smiles above the cotton candy clouds, and you can feel that they are thinking of me together.
    I wanted to live a fulfilled Life here, because forty years flew by suddenly and quickly! If the Beloved will look up, the endless lonely night will watch out and send him a silver-colored comet-star as a guiding celestial body!