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    After the mass psychosis of stadium construction and the one-tanker obsession that was proclaimed to be indecent, was it not enough that the rotting plaster on the snow-covered walls of life-saving public hospitals and crèches yawns a grave, that even the memories of the past that were proclaimed to be weaklings swell up in hairline tiny cracks?! - And while the past may be reckoning and understanding at the same time, the present is becoming a lie, a falsehood.

    Hate-mongering, lying, ass-licking oligarchs licking each other like a pack of delicate puppy dogs. They fill their individualistic worlds with stories rewritten in selfish ways, and there will be a great Paul and a star turn again. But there would be a good number of pleasing and admonishing examples on the altar of corruption proclaimed sacred: above the abyss, can they really not feel so much that their petty career greed is finally over?!

    They have been reduced to a bunch of self-selling, deliberate prostitutes; a mini-community, now finally expelled from even a small Europe, is calling for stalled industrial and technological development. And still, the meal ticket is the cool thing to buy, should any of us decide to go shopping. In a circus of the near future, the despotic porter has already unveiled his latest vision. There is no interjection, no open opposition. The promised million-dollar bonus could easily jump!

    No haste, and above all, no reckless, ranting and raving! If many people believe the false promises of non-existent jobs and positions: who knows?! - With an exposed, theatrical, wimpy style, we may even be moved to hear plenty more about the acharking struggles of parallel legends...

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