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  • Boundaries of emotions

    Beneath Faces The dusty layer of time, dim memories, and all compromised, faked, or just beauty-born kitsch and fakeness peels off all at once - until in the end, everyday life that creates wrinkles is left bare and shriveled.
    Human emotions are a terrible sparrow's nest, because there is always a false word or an attempted betrayal. Why is it that we never chase and follow the footprints that we think are lost, rather the ones that are moving away from us?! Why does the dulled desire-will continue to dazzle, when the boundaries of bargaining minutes and moments are already invisible?!

    Now, brainwashing and arming self-awareness is already ongoing. Because in fact, he who has lied to his opinion and principles - only he can seek; money, job, success-seeking full life. No one has yet been able to declare himself a winner or a loser from the fever of purgatory. A thick, mundane thicket of weeds and weeds overgrown with soul-suspiciousness has overgrown the swamplands of empathy-tolerance.

    And now they are liars and can be bribed for everything. The concept of a bowl of lentils is no longer a privilege, - but a fistful with a vengeance. Pretense, a playful fad, in any case, tolerance for things that once existed. Someone inside each person deliberately turned off the light. The secret sparks of reason, which could have shone even among jerky wild beasts.

    "To be or not to be" is still nauseating and distressing. It can be called easy charity if someone returns the thousand HUF found on the street to its rightful owner, while putting his smartphone in his pocket without a shoe. - In the sleep of sleepers, everyone stumbles awake. The road from acquaintance to understanding is impossibly long. Like a well-deserved but not received slap, we stumble on with closed mole eyes!

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