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  • Extinguished instinct paradigms

    Why does the first romantic night spent together have to be rough and hungover? Why is the hero-duel of the taxing organs involved in making love so saliva-producing that it's downright disgusting?! Why did the ecstasy of the Universe feel unbearable in the orgies of accumulated impulses? Can we survive ourselves in two bodies united in a fused unit? Don't we change, like butterflies that have evolved in a silk cocoon, so that for every fulfilled joy, Hangman-Death cannot be the only source?!

    Two androgynous souls lay next to each other in festive majesty, and this was imagined by the order of the Worlds, which was ordained from eternity. It is known that many times we grope in the nest of our secure present as if we were searching for precious stones in a crater-deep mine. From time to time we tend to forget about the softer contours of our sexuality so that our stunted animal instincts can come to the fore.

    The star shower of the Cosmos outside clears into a close-up; its shining meteor seems to clear when we look lovingly into the halo clouds of radiant eyes. A back-turned love kiss, which carries with it eternal immortality, still managed to hide. – Moles in the center of the navel and on the ridge of the back, like secret codes on a mosaic puzzle. As soon as we ourselves float down into the unconscious, any change that can be manipulated with emotions can become understandable. Our common, coded things were drawn into its magic circle by the medicinal-smelling redemption!

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