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    Could Peace mean a quintessential harmony in everyone with the balance symphonies of the soul, and with the harmonious Atlantis islands, which all the people who exist, breathe and strive to exist want to create? - How fragile and how vulnerable and easily wounded the mind is even in the wandering catacombs of nervous systems: The ever-present silence that encourages internal self-examination!

    Fertile solitude, with its delicately caring womb, can humbly take me captive only when the gondola of my soul sways gracefully in the sea-storms of heightened stress or grinding mill nervousness and eternally worried, like a single self-assured and carefully present swan! – The pincers of anxious morphing squeeze the sparks of trust of my weak and stumbling half-heartedness with its poison loops so that I can do it and actively contribute to everything with sufficient and unbreakable will and faith

    I just have to make myself believe with my self-made conscience, with smart and honest intentions, that if I strive for the harmony of peace of mind that can think even with a cool head, then nothing will go wrong and maybe I can succeed in some value-preserving task in my lifetime!