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     (To N.K. with love)

    It was September, and in the summer volcanic and scorching sauna, the Cyclops-eyed sunbeam shed its rays of light and its crimson smile on me! All of a sudden he, perhaps sent down to earth as a chosen ray of hope by divine providence, stopped in front of me! And her undisguised, unselfish kindness was hidden there, clothed in her mischievousness, in the mirrors of her gentle chestnut soul among the shining shooting stars!

    The gaze of heaven on earth had an intoxicating effect on me and disarmed me of the vain pretensions of every actor. I didn't dare to eavesdrop on untruthful and ill-intentioned things half-heartedly, because with her look she expects my mother's sincerity and is humble.

    his determination greeted me back! - And as my only living conscience, who knows about the sealing weight of all my small or even big and fearfully hidden sins and secrets: From the armored will of Honesty, a single decisive smile of earthly harmony was enough, that from the marshland of introspective and sad self-pity, with its stubborn and fallen self-consciousness let me out! – it may be that this all-bearer, himself for a single minute

    nor was it a regretful Vertebrate angel self-awareness that sealed my honesty forever: As a humane photographic angel, it burned into my memory like a blessed elixir serving as a medicine! "It was September!" - And I no longer hid the cups of my heart under a hiding bush from the kind halo effect of a fairy's stature, with the rose-fires of memory - thank God - I still preserve one of the holiest moments with which he gave me: The Miracle and

     that I could know grace in mercy, and that it could meet my heart as a Damocles fate!