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    What could be the secret of life? With our birth, do we enter the crumb-minutes of our existence, declared counted in the book of the great fate of mortality? And who can say and ask the question again, was it not a futility, a joy, a happy will to live? - Each person, with his own inner spiritual need, discovers the creative intention and the lovable humility of the state of life, that it is an ordered and formulated biological and eternal human

    created on earth as the fruit of harmony of emotions, and destined to increase values ​​for this age! The fateful wish of birth, just like the unjust death, cannot be created with a sufficiently determined and firm will, and to mourn the thought that wants to calm is all in vain, it is only possible to surrender to the System of existence condemned to mortality, broken in the midst of mental agony!

    With the content of every single day, you may leave more precious fractions of minutes for us! The summing up of existence and the completion of life's work fragments, as if a fragile life made to order was wrung in captivity and was unnecessary, but what we can create and provide with a compass of message value can perhaps remain, for the memory!

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