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    The landscape becomes so homely, in the shadows of the moon, it almost takes me in as well. Dead souls sleep in silence in the soft foam of the murmuring Danube...

    Their crypt cracks stare back like grotesque mirror images from the sections of truth-telling mirror-shards, and I still can't know who I can really trust?!

    There were laws for Loyalty, Nobility, Kindness of the heart: the soft minor music of hesitantly straying movements, as if a harp were calling restless souls to comfort them. A cherished, giving woman's hug, as only real mothers can love without compromising conditions!

    The final heart-gates should be opened so that we can get to know each other, and even in this you did not let me into the shelter of your golden heart! You know very well: you can't be completely happy with the One Being, until you selfishly only belong to yourself, until the outside world sees that you are different, because you are lying!