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    The murmuring foam of the Danube whispers: "Just come!" I'm waiting for you!" - The sickly wounds of the summer were still flickering above the sleeping city... A gust of wind rattles along the cobbled streets. The tongue-of-flame disease has already shown its teeth on the leaves of the trees.

    Even though the bud-popping laughing sunbeam ravens would still lure you with lies, the black-clad army of feathered thieving magpies is already settling on the rust-scarred arms of the dying trees. Most people are already a complete nervous wreck: starting school, everyday little problems and troubles! Totally insane brawls!

    Nagyobbacska's daughter hardly wants to hold the hand of her shivering, whining, squealing little brother as they march towards school. This is a fraternal fate, which is related to my sad childhood. "It won't be a problem, little one!" - I mutter to myself, who will soon turn forty!

    On the Szabadság Bridge, where once jingling, yellow electric scooters rattled through the wrought iron railing, a teenage lady is preparing for a fatal deed! And while Life was consumed with unbridled ecstasy, Ophelia's virginal body was enraptured by swirling foam; a spiral vortex pulls him deeper and deeper: who knows what secrets the depth hides and holds?! Maybe he doesn't even realize it and is already jumping; his slender reed body is stretched into the fabrics of the Hangman's Time. Is this how Beginning and End come together?!

    A siren-sounding patrol boat appears and they immediately start searching and searching, even divers are submerged, and when it gets dark again, the transferred concept of "he who seeks finds" fails just like that! The world has betrayed her! She can never be a new mother, a dreamy wife, a soulmate!

    Uncertainty now cuts, drives, skins even more than the best scalpel blade. Embedded in tomorrows One should bear the humiliating burdens of humiliating, petty trials while counting on someone!

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