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    If my brave Atlantis patience could have remained that I could solve the problems of everyday life that seemed mean once and for all, I would surely have found Someone who could be –, just waiting for me. 

    From the radiant heavenly pleasures of female faces, I would take a true pearl as a comforting gift. Yet, it could be a great grace if, instead of unnecessarily showering, accountable words, the solution was embedded in the ancient speech of your gaze: How much do I love you? 

    The mischievous weight of the lead-heavy trials we experienced together would not weigh our faithful hearts much, for it would be created and supplemented by an immortal flame of eternal-sacred trust and understanding. 

    The self-digesting poison of aching self-blame could not plant envious, murderous jealousy, wormy, marcona accusations in the souls of any of us. While one half of our hearts are selfish in good faith, the self-digesting melody of fidelity still throbs in the other. 

    Those who really and sincerely love each other measure each other. And if at the twilight of our lives a hollow inequality will melt into itself; it will be known that in two reorganized dust pods there will be invisibly beating and throbbing the ash imprints of our heart cups at the same time. 

    The compulsion of a large cycle can still be influenced. We were created to suffer, to fall in love, to be loved, to be loved, as eternally bustling and restless puppies, whose basic formula of unconditional and selfless emotions is still a complicated, unclear basic concept. Halfway between two caresses, the unruly heart mirror can get involved in winning-loser small-style battles!

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