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    Why is it that nowadays you can only be a puppet on the chessboard of your life and not a person who lives and thrives?! On the branch of a spiral vortex, your existence is torn apart, and the expensive promises of treasure, promised salary increases, monthly fixed payments are cheap, paper-cup V.I.P. they put on an unfair body at parties. A lie hidden behind words, a pseudo-concept.

    Torzó-idol is broken, you have become a puppet yourself, because you believed it and let others use it as they please, and you can no longer turn back, run away, because it is not possible! Like a coddling dream-vision, so was your invisible life; you never let them really and honestly get to know you, because you were afraid of the shame of open-faced humiliation.

    This present-day festering and dirty World: a statue of luxury illusions that look like an idyll! Wild machos drive around with Ferraris and Porsche 911s, while the ladies, like exotic wildflowers, let the flirtatious seduction fall with greater momentum than open honesty, the faithful chronicle of the words they confess! Why do you have to turn the Self out of the Self like this?! The promised dream lifestyle will only be a sigh walled in a blind cry; because all happiness is suspect here!

    Some people always maintain a good-looking appearance in the diving party. And while the average person is miserable, grinning for hunger wages, and sometimes a bag of onions can still be a lifesaver instead of the tasty KFC chicken breasts and gyros, - until then, the average person is forced to pull the yoke a lot, because he feels and knows that there is a more real, valuable laurel for him here It never happens!

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