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     As soon as I grasped the only faithful fruit of your love, and as a small drop, I became an enthusiastic angel longing for consciousness and curiosity, a biological existence, a faithful and anxious flow, your priceless treasure rocking lap is like a double-pole and iron solid magnet attracted you like an unbreakable heart cord, my dear single, and sometimes fragile mother with lion faith, as a breast milk elixir that also serves to fertilize the development of a child!

     On your determined and purposeful frugal face, the beautified memories of the years and my past are preserved by the eyeballs of an ocean-blue sky, and I search and curiously try to figure out what they could have written with a will of soul, in your existence have the testimonies of the crushing of silver threads over your head? And you know how much you mean to me, some heartfelt, priceless mother!

     If, as a blessed-hearted perseverance of your loyalty as a thinking and forgiving patient guardian angel, you would not have been by my side when you were greeted with a shower of bullets on front lines, thrown unarmed into the cold deep water by the storm slaps of life, and with your karakan-believing encouragement as a ready-to-be reborn Prometheus golden heart, you would not have lent the treasures of the blessed irreplaceable soul, that by them I may be able to enrich some in the field of self-confidence, and yet I dare to pray for mercy, thanking you only for prayer:

     Never have any trouble of your kind, and guide my hands with your persistent and raised vertebrates during my compass paths!