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    Living on a Ranch

    Among the Mountains and Rivers

    Horseback riding from Sunrise to sunset

    The surrounding High Mountains and Sun adding too the effect

    Drinking at Saloon’s

    Leaving town could very well be at noon

    Sleeping under the stars

    Seeing the constellations that could include Mars

     Raising cattle

    All that while sitting in the saddle

    Stagecoaches making stops from anywhere into various towns

    Destinations from to anywhere bound

    Life as a Cowboy

    Living the dream full of joy

    Western style

    The enriching outdoors all while

    Notice I didn’t say Indian attacks effect

    I chose not to add being my elect

    A Cowboy will always be a Cowboy

    Perhaps the Cowboy can meet a Cowgirl bringing them both Joy

    The Cowboy is now riding into the sunset

    Looking ahead with no regret

    It doesn’t get any better than that

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