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    Love on my mind

    The candlelight shining bright

    Love in romance all through the night

    Kiss into bliss

    Enchanted being a lot too list

    But my heart won’t let love miss

    My love is about everlasting

    Love me now into forever

    Love to me is something to sliver

    I am the silver and you are my gold

    It’s our love story that was never told

    Bring your love energize

    I will add to the surprise

    Let our spirits rise

    I want you to be my bull’s eye

    Because you are the understanding and wise

    My love goes beyond tomorrow

    It is on the straight and narrow

    Love having no shadow

    It’s the sunshine that only love can make

    I am the intrigue and you are my distinction

    A picture perfect setting

    So let our love connection begin


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