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    A land Egg Yokes and Cracken Town assortments

    Duracell Bunny being full of energy

    But today the Duracell Bunny narrating the surprises

    It is the time and place

    The Town of Easter land is where our story is the trace

    It’s the citizens being Rabbits and eggs

    Then we encounter Mr. Egghead

    He is the Governor of Easter Land

    Now every year the citizen folks of Cracken Town and Egg yokes have a challenge every year

    You may want to step back and not be near

    You could have egg on your face

    Over in Cracken Town is where one crack deserves another

    Each competitor is different than the other

    Cracken Town Gang are determined to remain the reigning champion’s

    But are they ready for a possible defeat?

    I don’t want to make this story over easy

    Perhaps even cheesy

    So everything is set, and the atmosphere is in the air, the fragrance of spring

    Yes including the Bee sting

    So Cracken Town and the Egg Yokes are now in battle

    Now hold on to your saddle

    Oh no, the Egg Yokes is going to hit that too late, the horse rider

    But the horse rider is ok

    Wait a minute the horse rider is now in the battle as well

    Do tell

    Another fight indeed, but let me continue to narrate in proceed

    I am only trying to do a good deed

    I don’t know why I feel like I am in the town of OZ

    Eggs thrown and cracks made

    This is definitely an egg war

    The Egg Yokes are playing, but Cracken Town folks are no joke

    The score is Egg Yokes 8 and Cracken Town 10

    So Cracken Town has an edge

    Well Cracken Town scored another point

    So Cracken Town remains the reigning champion once again

    So Easter as they say, it’s Easter Land saying hooray

    Happy Easter I say to you, let happiness continue to shine all through


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