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    Hours into days

    Scenery as we accelerate astray

    Downtown along with towns

    America’s bus

    Leave the driving and don’t forget about us

    The beauty of reclining and relaxing back

    Communicating with all passengers in acquainting chat

    That stretched out racing hound knows the way

    But it is the skillful driver who does this every day

    Routes recorded into miles

    But this is surrounds the Greyhound bus style

    The bus wheels turning in schedules precise

    Noon Day into sunrise the next day with arrival nice

    Covered state after state

    I have seen America and that is no hesitate

    Nothing but time

    The getaway being genuine

    The hound took me away

    I have my Hotel when I arrive that I will stay

    I am picturing Banjos, Trumpets and any other musical instrument that I can think of as I ride

    It’s excitement in what America provides

    The feeling of welcome

    It’s the hound’s way in illustrating

    Hound ward bound

    The name says it all, the Greyhound blend

    Travel until the end



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