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    Being a Black Man my voice can’t be still

    My strength at my will

    I have a mission to fulfill

    As a Black Man scared for my life

    I feel trapped with no advice

    Brutality only leads to Death

    I don’t know how much time I have to live left

    But I stand representing myself as a Black Man

    I have thoughts and dreams

    Yet my thinking could be taken as a questionable in what it seems

    Gun Bullets kill and don’t know innocent until proven guilty

    Racism has turned backed time

    I am considered a threat

    I have done nothing wrong, but I am trying to stay upbeat

    Perhaps Racism doesn’t matter to others

    But it matters to me

    My skin color is all that the world sees

    I am a Black Man with inspiration and hope in what life should be

    As a Black Man the opposition wants my voice to be silent

    Everywhere I turn there is continued violence

    I pray to the Lord

    This battle is not mine to fight in God’s accord

    I wonder at times if I will be killed on any night being the plight

    Perhaps my sunrise will be darkened with no light

    I could become another statistic

    As a Black Man I must think realistic

    But I must believe hopeful and have Faith

    This is all a Black Man has

    My cries come in multitudes

    But just like a Book from beginning to end might be my conclude

    I just want peace in soothe

    I have nothing to prove

    I deserve a promised life

    God said it himself in giving advice

    Lord I know and see

    But the world keeps focusing on we

    Time reversed

    I read biblical scriptures verse by verse

    My Faith in action in rehearse

    Believe in me the way I believe in myself

    My name is not assumption

    I am no combustion

    I am a Black Man comprising of essence

    But God has given me understanding and wisdom to cherish

    The world might find that surprising

    As a Black Man the thought is energizing

    My Death could very well be this day

    Yet I am faithful in every way

    I stand with one voice being one dream

    I am looking out over a moving running stream

    Life is not important if one doesn’t open up to God

    Embrace respect and no anger steam

    The world knows very well what I mean

    I am a Black Man created by God

    Standing on Faith and Redemption

    I am that Black Man today and forever


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