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  • Extreme poor

    Soaked rice vanishes before bringing salt
    What about them again!
    They cried throughout their entire life
    Remain with sad bowing.

    Wherever they glimpse
    Just looking dry
    Nothing close to hand
    Miserable earth.

    Life is for them
    A large deep forest
    But somehow walking
    With broken mind.

    If they step in the middle of the path
    Sadness filled the air
    There is nothing to collect, nothing remains
    The house is always empty.

    No morale there, yet they
    Still remain active in working
    How to get rid of stomach irritation
    Sitting to think.

    That's how life goes on
    With them somehow
    There is nothing new
    On the way to the existence.

    (Remembering those marginal poor.)

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