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  • Guilt


    The sorrow, the hurt, the pain
    The sad bad memories, 
    The suicidal thoughts,
    All are bad calls of guilt

    You burning in your own fire everyday
    You toss and turn sleep turns on you
    Days are too long nights are scary
    Love tries to comfort but guilt always win

    Like a doctor on his first patient's death
    It's always his fault, he thinks blindly
    And death becomes cruel and targets him
    Yes death is for the living not the dead

    The sorrow, the hurt, the pain
    The sad memories and suicidal thoughts
    A disturbed mind and lack of life
    Like addiction guilt sticks forever

    Who are you without a guilty conscience
    Are you sure you're still human?
    What's with the heart of stone?
    Get off your high horse life is gonna get you

    Ice princess where's that heart of gold?
    Politicians you were elected by people
    Men of the moment where is the love?
    Queen of hearts look at her cruelty

    Guilt can kill talk to a professional
    Guilt can also make us human
    ©Lungi Shigo Msusa

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