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    Sometimes in one’s life they often wonder why do they write?
    The words guide one in what to say

    The thought it should go this way

    This is a mission every day

    Writing comes from the heart with a need

    That’s the proceed

    What do people see?

    Is writing from thoughts yesterday and it became tomorrow sought?

    Some people won’t be honest in being false, and not tell the truth

    Years have moved on since my youth

    Wisdom is living proof

    It goes beyond words

    Mounts to the bull’s eye of understanding

    Comes down to experience and knowledge gained

    One can always say, but can one believe?

    Full of questions

    The real questions and answers come from within

    Abilities and assurance

    Confident at will

    Writer true with no false details

    No worry of Fail

    Momentum of one’s trail

    Writer spoken words

    Write up

    Keep up

    Just don’t get fed up

    Tomorrow’s sunrise

    Sunshine bright

    There will be cloudy days

    That too shall fade away

    Writing is whenever and forever

    The ideas come from being clever

    Endure in everlasting