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    Collecting tinsel

         Whether the character s intention; a lustful, insidious, skillful will that will pave the way for petty self-interest to further liar-careerist paths! In an influential, constantly administered reality, everything has already sunk to the ground of one possible Impression Information! - Organized back into itself, another elk stroking a woman grows up as a bagpipe, holding even a valuable conscience for sale in exchange for fatter jobs!
         The partisan court rejects the legitimate grievances of the people with real sincerity without a sock: paid shop window sensational lawsuits are needed for paid and false witnesses accustomed to flea markets! In imaginary fright, it is often believable to besiege ordinary peoples with bills instead of revenues stipulated in contracts! At the same time, we all carry the picture on our own: how will the wheel of our destiny turn wit...

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    Fagun's moment

    Swing that takes in the breeze
    The south window is open.

    They twinkle stars are still in the sky
    So the mind is unbound today.

    The attention was filled with random thoughts
    Unfamiliar world with absent minded gestures.

    With the south wind blowing the boat’s sail
    Fagun has now reddened the occasion.

    The game of light and darkness are going on
    This is how the whole day passes by.

    (Fagun is a month of spring in the Greater Bengal)


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    The light of knowledge

    We came alone, we will go alone
    Keep that in mind
    It will not come to work
    Whatever we have so many friends and relatives.

    On the way to come, on the way to go
    All the work that we have done
    Everything has to be accounted for
    Understand that today.

    This word in the mind
    It's better to keep
    On the way of path of coming and going
    Let us ignite the light of knowledge.


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    True charm

    One’s aura is not discounted by age

    truly charming men are like pine-trees

    they capture and conquer their women

    by adamant words, and concrete deeds

    by soft whispers, and tender hands


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    Harmony tick tock

    Precision right on the dot

    Tone around time

    Each clock sounded like a musical blend

    It was totally breathtaking within

    It was the clock’s version of “The Hand Of Time”

    The moment in the hour

    The second at the minute

    The place being any place

    The fact of time having no waste

    Serene yet gentle

    The clock’s playing the skies song of “The Rhythm of the horizon above”

    A place in time to think of

    Your time is now

    The sounds

    Acceleration of time

    All being one of a kind

    The time instrument of delight

    The thought of suggestion in might

    Time opening the eyes and seeing today well into tomorrow’s daylight

    Fast moving hands of time

    Now settle down and unwind

    Your time you didn’t expect

    Time after time


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         Gnashing of teeth, re-established, jerk sermons on the gaping paths of aging wakefulness! In the depths of our vulnerable souls, we carry the annihilated orphan, the vulnerable child, in the same way! We are already deliberately holding our children's ears so that we cannot hear the curses of ferocious, absolute adults, their everyday, shameful betrayals! A single, tiny word of sparks, a nasty, sighed thought, and everyone already felt and knew: the conspiracy of exclaimed wise men dried on lips sewn like a supplication! Even crying-eyed silence is telling less and less! Among his aching self-pain, he himself freezes into stone, and as a afflicted Sisyphus he can no longer guess, his vastly buffalo-heavy stone blocks will have to be carried by him all the time!
         You can no longer stand out in the world, and you can hardly survive: everyone is just emphasizing...

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    On "withdrawn and defensive" personality

    They seem extremely courteous and patient

    never lose temper, even in conflict and dispute.

    but they do keep prejudice and grudges,

    and at a point defend with passive, cold violence 

    you'd hope they better off give you a punch or yell,

    but no, they hold it, petrified and chill you to the bones

    and might shoot you a cold arrow when they get the mood.

    they never say no, nor yes, but they would nod "maybe"

    they don't acknowledge, don't deny, don't take responsibilities,

    their friends either have to walk away quietly in oblivion

    or be very frank about their feelings and suggest him/her to improve

    if that still doesn't work, they have to walk away friendly too.


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    Like An Eagle

    Eagle, born to fly
    Born to soar high in the sky
    Live like an eagle


    But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)


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    Glorious encounters
    Hear His tender whispers
    Moments of truth and love


    John 10:27 and 1 King 19:12


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    Memorial back and look

         It would be good to return as the stray, loving silences of a wandering wanderer who wants to go home! When outstretched swan hands caress the caress in the imaginary fog of rocking dreams, the sleeper as a dreamer, and his eternally heritable symbiosis below and above may come together! The body-warm protective shelter can no longer be worth anything if there could be no pounding-throbbing sound-sigh left for the emotional heart! In Alantos Being, we have been disappointed many times when, in the flames of the enchanted moment, we explored the soul of Adam-Eve as a treasure trove of dividing cell molecules, and by secretly driving her entire blood tunnel out of awe, out of curiosity!
         In the dawn light of rising suns, the shadows of daytime objects also grow up! Falling, intoxicated, consciously wild self-expression heard his anthem in our faithful, unruly heart...

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