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    The sharing

    The most treasurable gift a man can give a woman,

    is not sweet words, nor fortune, flower, even promises,

    but the heartfelt time he spends, either in reality or spiritually,

    and the feeling, thoughts, wit they share unconditionally

    sharing is more precious and longlasting than affection.

    if in our lives there are a couple of such people around us

    be there a happy ending or not , it's a lifetime reward.

    Andre Gide says, there is always somebody in our lives,

    whom we can't deal with by our usual sansibility and wit

    the problem is, many of us don't meet such persons at all,

    or simply too sensible to face such striking happentance. 

    it applies not only to man and woman,but also close friends.

    with loyalty, friendship can be more endearing than blood kinship


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    Caution on words.

    Words shouldn't be taken to heart easily,

    for some people play it as entertainment

    some claim to be kings, some faries

     in reality, no one is sacred when they eat

    some can kill three birds with one stone,

    just to play, or feed their egos and sanity

    it''s only slightly better than computer game.



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    Silent confessions from the present

         Faced with tense contradictions every day, we are waiting hesitantly! Our self-interested world, degraded to bipolar, has already dissolved itself and our differences are equally shameful and ridiculous! Behind the semblances of luxury, yawning colonies of misery would shout for their right-tipped, useless voices, and yet all petty merits will become hungry; an insignificant sand-eye can quickly get stuck in a chain of Congo chains of great connections!
         Excretion in saliva, as well as in love, started soon! Absurd evidence is hibernated or put in self-destruct boxes because Pavlov’s theory is also grotesque, reluctantly absurd! Stumbling in the light-shadows of the present, the out-wasting and the border of need is still moving more and more alarmed! - Many crowds of people on the periphery are deliberately basing themselves on well-sounding reputations in...

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    You frailty

         In the complex fullness of moments, even a hesitant step can tread on a butterfly carelessly! With a swirling, frightened rainbow wing marching richly into proud freedom! Hesitantly tumbling, the lonely silence can also hurt: the eye perseveres searching for punctuation engraved in a wall, while the claw rays of the accompanying moonlight appear on a ominous veil of nights! We also deliberately closed the proud sighs of our eloquent words to our hearings!
         In no man's land a wreath of thorns has been woven out of sorrow! Wounded resentment is more easily absorbed into the depths of the Spirit; the burden of accents can permeate every well-groomed, spicy sentence because it is throbbing and present, like a sick plague! As a child orphaned by ugly deeds: I am embarrassed with terrified eyes at the same time, and I do not know if you will be complimented by a me...

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    Star wall

    You may say you wanna watch the starry sky

    but I know you'd rather your eyes be watched.

    why a star wall, while one sees nothing else.

    while they never speak, your eyes always do.



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    A little twisty

    Don't think I don't know

    that you know what I truly like 

    is the initial one without disguise

    it's just you've been capricious

    and only speak to the air.

    so I can only speak to air or nothing.

    what I said,felt and knew is more than you know.

    I don't need fancy things I've got a lot and am numb.



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    Harmony in family unity

    Strength in support coming from the community

    Rochdale Wives all have different stories to tell

    But you will find commitment in shell

    One particular Rochdale Wive has a loving story

    Read on with all its glory

    It was 1970 when a Shareholder named Mary Lister moved into Group One

    She was single and moving into a One Bedroom Apartment

    It was going to be furnished with all her assortments

    Then John Benjamin was also single and moved into Group 2 in the same year

    Watch as something is going to preserver

    Somewhere a love affair was going to become a moment by moment with romance getting a very little chance
    It’s love that was going to build and grow

    So it becoming an relationship moving very slow

    Mary Lister and John Benjamin really took to really knowing each other and their backgrounds were exchanged

    Mary Lister ...

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         An aggressive world crowded with noise! We can listen to less and less soul-lifting, cheerful harmony! The everyday throbbing heartbeat of our existence also continues to knock purposefully! In our handshakes, a false, lazy consolation message, our human reality is often destroyed in our search for truth, tuned with faith! We will have a greedy urge to own us; from the yelling, threatening throats soon killer blade loud! - A cry of silence is barely audible, silent in the distance!
         In the same way, the identity consciousness of our selfish defiance era is shattered by the non-merciful poultry jerk! - The promised Hope that it is and will make sense to persevere to the final limits with raised, stubborn heads is also more and more delayed! - In a crumpled self-doubt, how long can the selfish confrontation of the accountable Being last ?! Deliberately doubts every...

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    Her story wasn’t always so sweet

    Slippery in fact

    Listen as Miss Butterworth traces back

    It was at the Oak View Plantation

    It wasn’t a place full of fascination

    The City and State was Clever, Alabama

    Her life was full of struggles

    Miss Butterworth was often beaten morning, noon and night

    Her whole life was life with unquestionable plight

    Miss Butterworth wanted to see freedom as her guiding light

    That night, Miss Butterworth made her escape

    Vast rivers surrounded the Plantation all over

    When it rained she found cover

    But her determination to be free rang high

    Here’s why

    Miss Butterworth often talked to other slaves of Freedom ways in the East

    That was her vision in encouragement at least

    Miss Butterworth thought back that all she could think about running through her mind was, “I had to be fr...

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    Off the words

    When it comes to online chaos,

    we may well blame wordplays,

    for they won't protest, they are dead.

    next morning everything will be back to normal,

    when they take a break from the obsessive venting,

    and engage themselves in things other than words.


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