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    Who's thinking of me? Maybe he's not human anymore, but he's an Angel. He holds some memory-conjuration from the expanding mists of present time's past, which float around me, fluttering and fluttering. Since there is no one I dared to believe in. I've been held captive by the snare of an assured fear.

    A wounded unworthiness, in which the half-scared fright of an orphaned child lingers After his mother's lap, and seldom, when a caring fatherly mind Looks upon me, an uncommon smile Seems to flash across the corner of my mouth.

    Somewhere shines, perhaps even for me, the spark-bright Peace-mosol that redeems and embraces me in persecuted nightmares. A gentle, intoxicating dream-vision passes, While it enfolds me in a gentle caress. When I end the silence within myself - fearful - , my trembling childish self dies with me. With pessimism this sneaking world approaches me. Soul-roots are growing in the crater-depths of my inner...

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    Like a ship ready to sink, my life is bobbing. Above me, it's been bending steadily for almost nine years. Hopelessness's tormenting prison-pocca Of hopelessness bravely raises Golgotha's dikes, And human malice has long since itched My Vendetta's elbows' plague-stricken truth. No friend or help is near or far!

    The multitude of my acquaintances, if I remember them half-way, With fair messages make amends for my late meetings. Someone I feel is waiting for me, His sacred golden heart of jingling would give me as a gift; His gazelle-test glides to and fro in my memories, In the embodiments of my imagined dreams, And like a redeeming, caressing caress My ear andalusianly listens to the beating, Tiny, immortal minutes of his beautiful heart.

    The draught often whispers to me my dull despairs. The caressing feathers of her velvet-skin, like the caressing wings of an angel, are comfortingly spread upon me - the superstitious one-ness...

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    Preparation in helping you become your own Man or Woman

    Shared personal life experiences

    Helping you to not get stuck in life’s pitfalls

    Taking responsibility while standing tall

    Enforcing values with maturity

    Learned importance of one’s character and well being

    Educated to continue being educated

    Substitute nothing surrounding excuses, but venture with achievement of fulfillment

    Don’t listen to false hopes, but expand your dreams

    Can’t is not an option unless proven in efforts

    Explore your own horizon of success

    Keep your mind open with understanding

    Gave you my wisdom, but now excel in your own expectation

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    F  -  FRIEND


    A -  ADULT


    T -  TEACHER


    H - HERO









    D - DAILY




    Y - YEARLY


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    And as a hidden, apocryphal message, the absolute formulaic fact of the all-filling All: as two hands simultaneously twenty searching fingers boil into one in the flames of immortal, loving sighs, and the macro-biology of the sinning body is moulded into the ripe substance of the embodied flesh-waist in the glowing furnaces of sincere emotion.

    Our eye-stellations shone together like a marriage of planetary islands, And while eternity's gift fell upon us, Our fervent bodies were enriched by the faithful tender bestowal- Then smiled the comforting sun in a golden halo from behind the clouds of cotton wool. We could rebuild our new shelter of love's home, in each other's cellular system, to the depths; the crystal of existence made sense seemed to radiate to us the priceless myriad treasures of deserved happiness.

    The redemptive harmony of our instinct unfolded its witnessing Morse code: what else was hidden over our heads in the expandi...

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    Darkness casting as an image

    Face unknown

    Features unknown

    Captivation relishing on fear

    Who is this shadow near?
    Wonder of the minds in wanting to analyst

    But frightened in what could be a surprise

    It could very well be a prospect of someone to die

    But whose life?

    However, the shadow is all around

    Surrounded within the darkness

    Light can’t pierce

    The shadow is a force to deal with

    How does one do battle?

    One must be caution and idle
    The shadow appears but doesn’t vanish

    The darkness makes the shadow mysterious

    Nothing distinguished

    The shadow walks among

    No wonder to look upon

    A moment could be any second

    All minds are on reckon

    The shadow doesn’t speak only creeps

    Are you the next victim?

    Screams won’t help

    Worrying w...

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    The past

    Alas, the stagnant past,
    Fell into utter darkness.
    The heart is pounding,
    Opening the closed door.

    Alas, the starving past,
    Ability is very limited.
    The policy is worn out,
    Thin and lean in half bed.

    Alas, the unspoken past,
    Written with an unclear mind.
    From a lonely God,
    Avatar of deviation.

    Alas, the faded past,
    The attainment is inlaid.
    Deluded with situation comedies,
    Worn out in childishness.


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    Ask not of me how I do my true pearls' pleading entreaties for my dear ones, And how my evil days run like a deliberately restrained ghost. Instead of my beloved's redeeming lap, my cozy bunk-bed is still my only bedroll, my welcoming resting-place. If you ask my conscience, it may honestly and truthfully tell you that my crocodile-large tears, like palm-trees in my ripe coconut eyes, like all-seeing mirrors, show anything of themselves.

    Even now in my wounded soul the little child is hysterical, babbling, orphaned, like a little forest animal howling after its mother. And if my Enkidu body is forced to run away, or even to flee, and an Angel spreads its protective wings over my head - I can know that at least in these ever-widening, concentric circles, someone's little heart, growing buds, beats for me! - If you ask me how my lost, hopeless impulse Can make me spill my deaf and dumb in a shower of rain, And reveal my cowardly secrets thus sile...

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    I was raised by my Granddad

    He thought of me as his Lad

    He taught me right from wrong

    He also expressed in how I should get along

    My thoughts are his legacy he gave me

    “Be everything that you are meant to be”

    “Become a Commodity”

    It was all related for what my Granddad expected for me in life

    My Grandad had me practice typing 4 hours every day, and helped me build up my vocabulary intellectually
    The whole process was preparing for College Education

    My Granddad would often say “I don’t care other young people are doing, but for you it will be Higher Learning”

    Higher Learning it was

    He saw me being an achiever

    However, it was my Granddad being a Believer instilling assurance within me

    I thank my Granddad often for his influence

    If it wasn’t for my Granddad, I don’t think I would have pus...

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    I've never been swaddled by prideful vanity. I backed away half-heartedly out of childish tact. My nomadic instinct was the only guiding star to protect and guide me in my seclusion, and the example: even in the muddy swamp of insidious sneakiness I tried to remain a Man!

    Now I still wait, my doubts clutching my heart in a vise. I still wish I could moor again on the andalic sandhills of two shores. Saviour, holy Peace, where art thou? The fierce ant-struggle of quarrymen rattles busily in the cogs of my brain, while my crypt-arms on the sands of days roar into the abyss! 

    Unwaveringly I give-not-give myself! It is now a universal, moral rule. My self-contradictory, self-contradictory conscience raises an altar: how shall the continuation of existence be conceived? The other half of my soul, my partner in my wound, where art thou now?! My unquenchable hope of finding thee sooner or later I'm sure to find thee While my wavering faith ...

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