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    Day into Night

    Anticipate of Thanksgiving in plain sight

    Uniting families and friends

    Thanksgiving offering no pretends

    Total inspiration at the end

    Giving thanks

    Smiles with Laughter

    Food that comes after

    Bringing people together in the multitudes

    Beginning until conclude

    Destinations to numerous destinations

    Mercy and Grace following

    Seeing people face to face

    The thought of the Thanksgiving Feast

    Worries behind and stress carefree

    Where ever your journeys take you whether at home or destination to

    Let Thankful pursue

    If you are alone, be Thankful to be among the living

    Every day is Thanksgiving

    Living and Breathing is a reason

    It doesn’t matter the season

    Reflect on memories gone by

    Table setting with food to eat

    Various desserts adding to the trea...

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    Intimate togetherness


    My heart is hammering there in terror; like a sneaky, alamusian little worm the ghost of a heart attack. The unnatural ending of Being, sudden Death. Long since seen better days, the shipwrecked ki I'm circling back and forth, hunting for itself an old familiar wave of molecules pumping in and out of enriched cell bodies, and perhaps even daring to hope to solve the problem with a wave of the hand.

    All cardiovascular shock or modern-trendy physiotherapy was considered invalid and untrue. Time-outs in front of the loser cannot be deliberately extended. Like a punctured artery, or one about to blow itself up, I was forced to lie, to waste away on the prison floor of my room.

    My body a runny mass of fat, double encased in floating rubber bands. I resigned myself to doing fifty sit-ups a day, secretly hoping that perhaps all my wasted effort had not been in vain. I was already blowing the medical whistle: hypochondriacism can have plenty of degen...

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    Fallen youth

    Once upon a time the beautifully curved cherry-mouth: twilight's immortal smile 
    Delicate and breakable china teeth, Praised the endlessness of time! - Once, like a pimpled buffoon, I too, with a serene eye, guarded the buds of my youth: two The freckled fungus, the squinting eye-bug, the looping in a ring of fangs, muscles bound in chains: many a jealous fang snarled at me, "Thou little worm, what are you trying to colonize me with?" - Cupid's chubby Cupid, and Tartuffe's winding Tartuffe, among the creaking boards of the schoolroom: 
    and they'll still be there when I'm gone: 
    Their selfless charms, their underlying touch, timeless, They rise in every vulnerable heart's shell: In the labyrinths of reason and instinct, In the depths of rooms and 
    Shaken by ancient instinct, only by them the True-self of the fallible man Shows itself, the sincere and uns...

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    Without you everything is different

    In your narrow almond-shaped arc you carried your cruel impulses: what what have I done?! Now tell me! - Tell me, with murderous confidence, the straining sparks of conscience! - No doubt, while thy angel-eye could not adopt as mother thy feral silence of loneliness. In my heart, too, happiness seemed to perish, And my clownish smile could be but a disguise. 
    Gloria, with her merciful majesty, kept me from suicide: My hopeless despondency at last to overcome, 
    But the showers of showers would not let me: they stayed and grew And the mixture of my own eager and selfish self-pity, And I dared with increasing difficulty to believe that thy balmy, balmy laughter was ever a remedy for my broken wounds. It would have begun with you: My calm and warlike My harmony with peace! 
    Into my dark pessimistic soul you would have secretly and unconsciously your unselfish and ever ready to help pricel...

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    A little light

    Give me some light, my love
    In a new morning, in the sunshine
    I will put it on
    And will sale from door to door-

    Give me some free air, my dear
    It's been a long time, I couldn't take a breath
    As if in the middle of the chest,
    I will shake my heart in that free air
    And I will say back,
    Come, all, to this open door—

    Give me some rain, my precious
    so that I can hide my crying,
    The house is tied to any passion
    Today it is broken.
    So I will try again this monsoon
    Again in the old tune-

    Give me some relief, my beloved
    I could not sleep for a long time, because of the pain of loss
    Passed the sleepless dew, for long long,
    If you get it, mixing the autumn clouds,
    With the starry sky
    Will go to sleep
    To see memorable dreams.



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    Cosmos Nebulae 

    I would, if I could, move into the last cosmic nebula of man and star, Into cultivable gazes: there, perhaps, is not the gambler Adonis, and the gambler's cardsharp the winner! 

    The brightness that gazes at me from the all-goodness of your eyes would shine before me like a halo, and the cheap toil of everyday life would pass through my anxiety-strangled conscience as a defeatable omen, and your eyes would be a Yes, a medal of sincerity, a truth. Not only broken moments would proclaim The bitter order of broken misfortune: Thy scorns, thy slanders I would bear no more, No more, especially not the uncompromising humility! - I could be love's immortal exile, And build a caring palace of crocodiles' tears! 
    It was foolish of me to think that two lonely hearts would meet, and, like Phaon, with the Kharübdis of rocks, wolf-eyed, if I had not been so afraid, from the cliff-hangings of mounta...

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    I am thinking back when

    Autumn being the sign
    The assortment of colored leaves

    Capturing moments to retrieve

    The Fall Winter Winds

    Moments to just observe and feel

    Winds blow with an although

    Are you prepared for what the winds will continue to blow?

    Windy advance with the feel here and there while holding on to your hat or cap

    It’s plain facts

    Coldness that is brisk

    Individuals who can’t resist

    We are in the Fall Season

    It is within reason

    The Good Lord is in control

    Adjust in clothing and take hold

    November winds will continue to blow

    November is preparing us all for what December will be

    Anticipation to see

    The winds always have their say

    It’s always been that way

    You probably don’t want to think ok

    Go with the flow

    November has us i...

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    You think you are bad and rough

    For you being Mr. Big Stuff is not enough

    You going around acting tough

    But you are surrounded by a Gangs that call your bluff

    Your ever living moment is characterized on stake

    You think you are King Pin

    You need to think again

    You are not a Leader, but a follower

    Gangs don’t even look up to you nor have respect

    They think pursue

    You don’t even lead to follow through

    There’s no promise

    You don’t know how to be honest

    You are not even modest

    Gangs are to steal no matter who they are

    You don’t have what it takes to go far

    You walk around like you are a Czar

    Your own Mother you ignore

    Yet she adores

    You nothing more than a punk

    Low Scale

    Lack understanding

    No destination with an arrival

    Acting a her...

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    Caught in the crossfire 

    Among many individuals I still remember this, alas, The scrawny Red, who, with the skill of an assassin, threatened and harassed me daily, and clung to men like disgusting little leeches, and against his raging, vengeful fists there was no help or escape. 
    In the middle of the nineties, I had not yet grown out of childhood, and I was already scurrying and fleeing in the hope of possible tomorrows that might bring peace and mercy! - And not letting go of the ring of revenge and revenge, they beat me like a swollen, fat punching bag, - you little worm, you bastard -, they even caught me and stuck my head in the stomach of toilet canals: "Let him taste it. 
    "Let the fugitive taste the new flavours!" - Nothing else happened! Broken and destroyed was the cherished childhood I had tried so hard to preserve and protect! 
    Only fallen, only fallen, the sieve-snowstorm of everyda...

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    A Professor lectured and said “Wait Until”

    A student replied why?

    The Professor’s response was “Understanding in knowing to be Emphasized”

    As the Lecture went on

    Realize was starting to form from that short pause prior

    The Professor wanted to highlight his lecture of observe and pay close attention

    Making the concept of complex into simplicity

    Reality being the actual

    Points added being factual

    Real life encounters in what students could face in situations

    Put yourself in the Professors place

    Preparations for the students being an organized process

    Answering questions in the best dignified matter

    Sometimes one must be quick thinking with a response while standing on your feet

    Why if you were in a business meeting trying to persuade a major client to come to your company in being a business deal

    One must be...

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