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    The carousel

    Riding on the merry-go-round
    See how it hangs over and over.

    Life is just like that
    As one can see from there.

    Sometimes it goes up
    Sometimes it goes down,
    Full of thoughtless thoughts
    Cannot leave them behind.

    Someone smiles with happiness
    Someone is crying and feeling sad,
    Someone just crawls along
    With the chest full of pain.

    That's how it goes in this earth
    In the game of breaking and making,
    Someone finds, someone loses
    At the every day fair.



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    The mist

    The mist-
    Could be a cloud of water droplets
    Does not shine
    But floats in the air.

    Suspended above the sky-
    Sometimes near or far away
    But not too far
    Not above the seventh sphere.

    Limits the visibility-
    One can feel it
    One can visualize it.
    But no one can touch it!

    (Wrote this poem while watching
    the movie, The Last Mercenary
    that reflects the character, The Mist!)


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         Increasingly infecting handcuffs-whipping, self-determination, despot nonsense! The maps of the bachanalias raging among the Viagra youth are already dwindling! Many muscular gorillas are spotted in gyms all day long and have stimulating testosterone bombs for breakfast! Sympathetic, dipotry cube-brain thinkers can’t even kick a ball on the side of beautifully slender bikini fairies! Intentional guilt can strike in self-deprived hearts if imperial macho gymnastics biceps would rather eat them!
         All their futile efforts are draconian rules! This is why it has been a friendship for some time! It would have to be still arguing to quarrel with fog-eating views no matter how many blizzards are floated on innocents; between lizard faces and main roots, the Guardians are still vigilant! It takes courage to differentiate too! Incense burners virib in apostolic gurg...

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    Lack of self-confidence

         I would like to jump over my own shadow so that not only can I follow you as a faithful friend, but also have the courage to reconcile with the childish part of my being; there are never-ever, simplified rules for shadowlessness! As a newborn with vigilant interest, it would be good to look around lean indeed; how many times has sober hope bypassed our conscious presence? Always just promising impartiality in return! Maybe the magic of the rose-fingered dawn isn't enough to ignite the Soul?! And yet many would do better to cling to the hypocrisy of their dreams while rejoicing in the new ideas of discovery!
         Even at the zero level of lust for action proves who was booked as a scapegoat! Is the American idea of life already a sinful pleasure? Every jerk can be a landslide, and the never-faith phlegmatism of a careerist will! This is how the only career silhoue...

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    The cargo discharge

         Painted bleeding site leaks real wound! What is now decomposing inside is still visible from the outside and can be recreated! Accurate-minute clicks-conscientious-minute clicks cause-and-loss Measurement of time! Because everyone is getting closer and closer to stretched ropes, which both tightens and tightens them at the same time! Being as a rampant life imprisonment task; its capacity is always doubtful! It's better not to get lost in the guards of generations of asses! Late-read wolf laws can quickly fool a child-naive man into the thousand!
         The commission tree of pleasures has been deliberately picked! Those who have been quarreling early on can lie and become guest-condemning, insidious monsters when it comes to their selfish careers! With the protection of familiar tentacles, the Truth is also getting harder to probe! Killer-cynical gazes cross-stand...

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    How to lose ourselves?

         Wrap up in the thought of everyday departure! You may know: shelter is rare if you can provide you with posterity! Your sinful city will not allow a rightful liberation where you could never have been truly free! Your usual commentary and platinum-fattened text is always laughed at by light-hearted lazy worms! V.I.P.-volunteer parties are holding themselves with a chick-catcher, scout-commando on the shore of Lake Balaton duck swimmer! "You were a cowardly pull that you took the initiative in your life and you could hardly notice that they wanted to speak to you!"
         With your face you grimace a constant boyish sadness and play arbitrarily, because your existence is still an entrenched escape! Only a few affordable, wandering phones can connect you to this bloody outside world right now! Your support can only be childish repentance now; while you, as memb...

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    If you donate, keep both of your hands open
    Purify your mind and soul, and depend on legal earning.

    Donate with the right hand
    The left hand should not know,
    Don't expect anything in return
    With your donation.

    The power to give is from the Creator
    You could be the selected one, not everyone,
    Brings peace in the midst of charity
    Pacifies the heart.

    That which is possible on one’s part
    So let's donate,
    He is the owner for your capacity
    He will give the honor.



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    The silent disciple (Part-5/5)

    On a moonless night
    the silent disciple
    and the dedicated monk
    with the help of those good fairies
    and the jungle goddess
    built an enormous trap
    inside the dark forest
    so that the monster
    could not escape in no way.

    All heart trembles
    wind stopped flowing
    there was no moon, of course
    shivering frightfulness was surrounding everywhere
    (with the help of the wicked witch
    the monster approached the trap).

    No one can explain, what happened then-
    as there was no light
    no one could witness
    the ultimate roar of the monster.

    Sadly, the dedicated monk
    sacrificed his life to prevail
    the humanity
    and hence forth
    the silent disciple become victorious.

    Sun rises smiling the next morning,
    all the darkness vanished from the dark forest
    birds were singing across all gardens
    flowers bloomed throughout t...

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    Good morning (2)

    What a light glowed on the face
    New hope awoke in the chest again.

    The blue sky is filled with different colors
    The strong wind blew in a new fashion.

    The birds of the dawn sang in the branches
    The little girl wanted to wake up in the mother’s lap.

    What a swing of life arouse around
    The heart remained open and enchanted.


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    You say you are unsettled

    But your mind is uncertain

    You feel stuck in your struggles

    You have loss your way

    That’s ok but don’t astray

    There is a direction from the Almighty being the guide

    He knows the way in helping you feel ok

    Jesus is his name

    He is the truly in remain

    Look up and seek

    Knee down and pray

    Lift those hands in praise

    Watch the turnaround in amaze

    You will have peace and comfort in your spirit

    See the blessings being God’s merit

    Today you got a reminder

    Guidance beyond

    The blessings to look upon

    Unsettled is now enriched

    When in despair

    The Lord will clear the air

    His reaction is beyond compare

    Unsettled is released




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