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    Angelic Warz

    See the people of different evils pulling stunts knevil 
    Devils make for the best rebels now many surpass levels 
    Of the beast I feast in the belly so many enemies jelly 
    Looking at they celly waiting for somebody to tell thee
    What nerve to hit what strike to grit nobody seems to fit 
    The agenda number pretender civil liberty rights defender
    Elite ender clauses made for the best effects my mind checks 
    Any intellect dialect words I speak of unknown code diodes 
    Alien idioms interpreted cant be decoded from my abode 
    Of the deepest souls sun dance romance the silver moon 
    Once I saw its shiny eyes light up the skies inhale the sigh 
    Why I magnify magneto torpedo sitting in my sixty four 
    Cherry red cotton flows is forgotten dropping no flopping 
    Stay afloat on the rhymes of note not gloat but still a goat 
    Know what I'm say...

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    don't you think?


    in a world of isolation

    we belong together


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    Dream Away

    If one night

    A dream escapes my sleep

    And wanders into reality

    I hope it wakes me up 

    Next to you


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    Poetry Remedies

    Baby cupid shooting arrows through the eyes of sparrow 
    Life and death marriage blows cycles of hells below 
    Earthly Angel's wondering in every angle see the strangles 
    Hard to untangle pain inside of the brains range terrains 
    Hilly my cups chilly off the ruffino mascato bottles 
    Ain't no tomorrow fuck sorrows let my pride swallow 
    All of the pains that tried to bang against my pane 
    Windows fogged of the indo master P no limit title
    Medallion looking thick like my chick  thighs is wick 
    Ready to catch fire from my lusting desire grow pliers 
    Clench tight organization pimp right focused lights
    Camera action satisfaction eddie kendricks solid glow 
    Seventies soul disco kids dancing over the fashion shows
    Miss the paparazzi sitting in the benzie rolling twenties 
    Dime bags still leasing toe t...

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    World’s Words

    We cannot tell — what lies in this?

    We rise and fall straight to abyss.

    The world is holding onto crutches,

    While we are standing here and watching 

    The things we think we’ll never miss.


    Unfinished stories hunt us down,

    Like eyes of those who aren’t around.

    Their voices bounce against the wall,

    What do we do? Do we grow tall

    Or simply wait till we are found?


    The world is biting its own neck,

    There’s nothing more to it than wreck

    In aching souls of those who fight.

    When we look up, we see the light —

    So bright, it takes us all aback.


    While we are numb, we capture this —

    The world on crutches in abyss

    And voices that keep coming through.

    But we retreat — that’s what we do,

    We don’t grow tal...

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    I’m looking at all the things you’ve done:
    The unexpected turns and awkward silence.
    How will you know it’s time to run?
    Don’t worry. I’ll turn on the sirens.


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