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    Author: gary adcock

    Growing up in the Flint hills of Kansas I have always been a dreamer. I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve and while that can sometimes be painful I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the outdoors and good music. Put the two together and you have the makings of a great day!!


    The Oak Tree

    The oak tree stood for many years, it's many stories yet untold
    today we share it's historic past, great adventures will unfold
    planted in the 1800's by a family that had bravely journeyed west
    in honor of their lost daughter, in her name the tree was blessed

    built a life on land they farmed, many hardships were endured
    droughts common in these parts, crops could never be assured
    years went by, wagons came, bringing both harmony and strife
    the mighty oak slowly grew watching a new town spring to life

    over a span of eighty years this small town turns into a city
    underneath the mighty oak hippy's form a protest committee
    "make love not war" shouted loud, peace signs seen everywhere
    police arrive to intervene, the stench of teargas soon hits the air

    now to the present day the mighty oak begins to show it's age
    so much history it has seen, a bo...

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    Darkness falls

    When darkness falls and all is silent fears begin to rise
    broken promises, shattered past, one's guilt never dies
    endless pain self inflicted like a dagger's twisted blade
    false confidence once portrayed lost as daylight begins to fade

    heart pounding rapidly like swelling waves crashing upon shore
    haunting voices scream at me, silhouettes appear at my door
    I clench my eyes, scream out loud, "please just go away"
    but taunting laughter fills the air, sanity begins to sway

    politicians say the war is over, in my head it never ends
    what once was a peaceful world lost in life's chilling winds
    nighttime engulfs deep memories of comrades laying silent
    young men and women lost forever in a distant land so violent

    darkness yields to a brand new day, fears must be put to rest
    family and friends to never know of these evils once confessed
    standing stron...

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    The man behind the mirror asked to talk to me today
    his troubled face made me listen to what he had to say
    harsh words that were whispered came as no surprise
    guilty tears slowly filled my dark and hollowed eyes

    “ I am but a reflection of the life you choose to live"
    "I have no control of us but this advise I wish to give”
    "the choices you have made are a path to our slow death"
    "yet I remain by your side until we draw our final breath”

    reality hit me in the face, my life had to somehow change
    all the things I loved suddenly appeared to be quite strange
    I stared down at a half full glass of my favorite evening drink
    clutched it firmly in my hand and poured it down the sink

    finally a new beginning, a life filled with trust and love
    every morning I wake up blessed to thank my God above
    a reflection in a mirror of a man tha...

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    As the shadows fall

    As the shadows fall life’s light begins to fade
    reflections of our past, all choices we have made
    an aging mind takes a stroll down life’s memory lane
    emotions felt in our heart both happiness and pain

    our childhood comes to life playing with our friends
    no worries in the world, all smiles as each day ends
    we see our mom and dad, the love they gladly shared
    with loving hands sheltering us, never being scared

    teenage years now appear as if just yesterday
    our world begins to grow, opinions begin to sway
    self choices to the forefront, decisions pave our road
    young love a new experience, wild oats to be sewed

    young adulthood playing now, a soulmate has been found
    feelings never before felt, a young heart begins to pound
    laying awake at night their face in your every thought
    a lasting bond is formed two young lovers tie the knot

    a fam...

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    Young Love

    in the beginning young love burns so bright
    words of endearment whispered at night
    true love now blossoms under the stars
    slowly happiness heals life’s past scars

    for a moment in time all troubles are gone
    arise with a smile at the crack of each dawn
    two hearts become one as the calendar turns
    two souls on fire with a passion that burns

    life’s not always a fairytale, there is no pretending
    not all love stories have the perfect happy ending
    sometimes tears fall where once was laughter
    sorrow often felt instead of happily ever after

    when love fails and two hearts are left broken
    hatred is spewed where once kindness spoken
    remember the past when two hearts were one
    memories of young love never to be undone

    young love comes with both happiness and pain
    with each encounter much wisdom we gain
    never give up on love, don&#...

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    Eternal flame

    walking across the floor with one thing on my mind
    to hold you in my arms, leave all self doubt behind
    I’d never seen such beauty as your eyes turned my way
    softly asking you to dance fearing what you might say

    your smile lit up the room as you rose and took my hand
    gently pulling you close to me we glided with the band
    “you are so beautiful” was the song of our first dance
    never a doubt in my mind this would be a long romance

    as the music ended we walked slowly to your seat
    shyly you whispered thank you, one could feel love’s heat
    asking for your number as nervous sweat began to bead
    pulling out a pen and paper you wrote for me to read

    "I give this number to you as I do believe in fate
    when our eyes met I knew I had finally found life’s mate
    please treat me with respect then I will do the same
    love will build a bond, an ...

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    two young boys

    two young boys stood before a mirror
    appearances different, this quite clear
    nonetheless they became best friends
    one by one world full of bigotry ends

    as they grew life took them apart
    miles can’t change what’s in your heart
    kept in touch over a span of years
    shared times of laughter, cried many tears

    each had a family with kids of their own
    taught their children love must be shown
    skin does not matter in the making of a man
    create a world where bigotry's banned

    two old men stood before a mirror
    friendship they grew couldn’t be clearer
    in a time of hatred we must make amends
    one by one world full of bigotry ends


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    Dear Bottle

    Dear bottle you've controlled me for so much of my life
    you've taken away my dignity, caused me to lose my wife
    the job I once loved now a part of my forgotten past
    at your bottom lies my sanity, I live life hard and fast

    once a loving family man until I pressed you to my lips
    now a common drunkard with cigarette stained fingertips
    you are my mortal enemy yet at times my best friend
    at your bottom lies my sanity, make my nightmares end

    You are the first thing I reach for the beginning of each day
    I can almost hear you taunting, just another of your prey
    my mind a constant fog, body slowly shutting down
    at your bottom lies my deathbed, in your grip I slowly drown

    Dear bottle I write this letter in hopes you will set me free
    let me be the man I once was before you crossed paths with me
    let me be an inspiration to all those victims of this disease
    at ...

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    jealousy a darkened shadow
    pure anger on its breath
    driven like an obscuring snow
    bringing love to it’s death

    lurking in the background
    pouncing upon innocent prey
    never utters any sound
    takes your breath away

    twists a heart like a tornado
    rips out happiness from within
    beware you reap what you sew
    leaves you sad and broken again

    jealousy a darkened shadow
    do not let it control your mind
    let the winds of love softly blow
    life’s journey will treat you kind


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    If love were a dance

    If love were a dance would it be fast
    would it rush through your veins never to last
    would it burn in your soul like a midsummer fire
    to be left alone with a heart filled with desire
    If love were a dance would it be slow
    would it burn like a candle with a soft warm glow
    would it last as they say until death do you part
    loving each other, fulfilling dreams of the heart

    If love were a dance would it be felt
    would words from the song make your heart melt
    would your bodies be one gliding the floor
    eyes locked in love, never alone anymore

    Love is a dance as we each take the lead
    in finding contentment, fulfilling our need
    music we dance to in life comes from within
    guiding us to happiness from beginning to end


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    life of Janis Joplin

    the first lady of rock and roll
    heart of gold and bluesy soul
    born in Texas to an engineer
    sang in choirs before her career
    rebelled in school, hated the fashion
    rock and roll always her first passion
    went to college to lead  "normal life"
    wasn’t meant for her, caused her strife
    moved to the Bay, to find success
    didn’t work out, overcome by stress
    New York next but due to drugs
    headed home, lost girl needing hugs
    tried again to live as others live
    quickly knew she had more to give
    was soon discovered, rose to fame
    ended too quickly, crying shame
    October 4th, 1970 Janis Joplin died
    27 years old, world of music cried
    drug overdose brought her crashing down
    a woman of peace,  “hippie with a crown”
    forever remembered, lady with bluesy soul
    rest in peace first lady of rock and roll


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    The dusty record player

    The dusty record player today brought back to life
    once spinning tunes of romance by husband and wife
    for years buried in a closet not seeing light of day
    lost to the darkness, life simply got in the way

    fifty years to the day the two walked down the aisle
    “You are so beautiful" playing, bringing both a smile
    two young teens so in love about to tie the knot
    listening to their song, all past jitters long forgot

    years pass by as they do, their love still stands tall
    testaments of their life hung in pictures on a wall
    Golden anniversary, a special day for sweet romance
    whispers you are so beautiful in her ear as they slowly dance

    The dusty record player today brought back to life
    once spinning tunes of romance by husband and wife
    no longer buried in a closet as it spins their favorite tune
    forever young as they dance in the light of the full m...

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    Lonesome river

    on the banks of lonesome river sits a brokenhearted man
    trying desperately to recover any lost dignity he can
    many lovers have ended up here in the years before
    the banks of lonesome river, teardrops fill it as they pour

    a heart once full of life, a love that filled the air
    her eyes were sparkling blue with long golden hair
    match made in heaven, instant love when they met
    the banks of lonesome river, a place we soon regret

    she started to become distant, had no desire to talk
    only stared into the night as they took an evening walk
    confessed she’d found another, her love for him was gone
    the banks of lonesome river swallows yet another pawn

    on the banks of lonesome river a man ends his constant pain
    cold and muddy waters roar like the passing of a train
    a graveyard for lost lovers, a place no one should ever see
    the banks of lonesome river, a brokenhea...

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    The window sill

    she sits quietly at the window sill
    rain gently tapping on the glass
    cold night air giving her a chill
    she waits for this sadness to pass

    many times she sat in this very spot
    waiting for him to come home from work
    tonight her stomach is clenched in a knot
    her mind can't see thru this troubling murk

    the dreaded call she received last night
    brought her down to her trembling knees
    her husband had been involved in a fight
    no words of comfort in times like these

    her loving husband was a decorated cop
    out one night to do what he had trained to do
    dying because of a routine traffic stop
    trying to protect people just like you 

    he will never return but his memory will
    a cop graduating at the top of his class
    she sits quietly at the window sill
    as she waits for this sadness to pass


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    Where have all the hippies gone

    where have all the hippies gone
    were the sixties just a passing phase
    peace signs posted almost everywhere
    certainly those were the good ole days

    Woodstock was held on Max Yasgur's farm
    Hendrix, joplin, CCR and so many more
    music rocked the world for miles and miles
    chants heard in the crowd “make love not war”

    400,000 stormed the field just outside of Bethel
    three days of peace and music, a time for unity
    drugs were often found, common form of escape
    a counterculture festival, a part of rock history

    where have all the hippies gone
    what if those days returned again
    to hear Joe Cocker sing one more time
    I get by with a little help from my friends


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    ' Harleys and Horses'

    Casey was a cowboy a little different from the rest
    Casey felt a good ride was the ultimate kind of test
    With his stetson hat and leather coat made his trademark known
    A fast riding country boy with a heart they say made of stone

    Casey loved his rodeos, smell of the open country air
    bareback rider some say so good no one else would dare compare
    say he could charm the horses like some men charm the ladies
    when the sun went down he’d mount his bike, ride it straight to Hades

    The county fair came to town that hot and humid day
    A harley cruised the fairgrounds leaving a trail of dust along the way
    The main event at the rodeo advertised a thousand dollar prize
    When the other cowboys spotted Casey fear gleamed in their eyes

    Casey laid his money down, smiled for all to see
    knew the winning purse was his for a mere ten dollar fee
    When his name was called the crowd ...

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    The man I need to be

    To the one that got away I tip my heart to you
    memories of yesterday don’t seem to get me through
    you softly whispered in my ear you'd come back to me
    when someday I become the man I need to be

    jealousy reared its ugly head instead of giving trust
    sorry I grew angry when our issues were discussed
    I swear I’ll calm these waves in my life’s stormy sea
    when someday I become the man I need to be

    how can one be so blind, miss the beauty of your love 
    such gentleness in your touch much like a peaceful dove
    promising a day will come when my anger is set free
    when someday I become the man I need to be

    if one lesson has been learned, hearts can actually ache
    given one more chance with you is a chance I’d gladly take
    I still dream of the day I can get down on one knee
    when someday I become the man I need to be


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