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    Author: Shakilla Akmal

    Let's just say my poetry often feels like it crawled out of the darkest corner of my dreams and demanded to be written.


    Song of Sorrow

    Beneath the moon's soft and eerie gleam,
    I confide secrets, kept in a hidden scheme.
    This inner ailment, my weight to endure,
    Concealed from loved ones, in misery, I'm sure.

    Conversations strained, words I can't convey, 
    The pressure building with each passing day.
    Suffocating thoughts, they never cease, 
    A cage of despair, my heart's release. 

    Exhaustion consumes, a relentless tug, 
    I yearn to escape, break free from this lug.
    Their sadness may linger, but it's my plea,
    To find solace in darkness, to finally be free. 

    Though tears may flow, when I finally depart, 
    This choice offers respite, a brand-new start.
    For if I linger, the sadness will cling, 
    A lifetime of mourning, a bird with a broken wing. 

    For in this darkness, I see the light, 
    An escape from endless, ...

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    In a universe where slumber's veil did gently sway,
    She stumbled upon a bronze figure, guided by reverie's way.
    Together they nestled in a bed of moon's soft grace,
    And as the night wore on, their spirits did embrace.

    With the break of dawn, he stirred from his repose,
    Moved toward the window, where the morning light rose.
    There, he stood, a silhouette in the sun's gentle glare,
    His skin aglow, a shimmering, radiant affair.

    Yet his face remained elusive, obscured by the haze,
    A handsome beauty, caught in a mystic daze.
    She inquired, "Who are you?" with a curious plea,
    He smirked, whispered, "Time will set you free."

    A promise hung in the air, like a whispered refrain,
    As he turned away, left her in wonder and pain.
    "We shall cross paths once more," he did proclaim,
    Leaving her with longing, longing for...

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    At midnight, I found myself ensnared, a captive in a glass domain,
    My limbs bound tight with ropes, a chilling, eerie, haunting chain.
    Within this fragile prison, my heart began to race,
    As water swelled around me, an impending drowning chase. 

    Helplessness and fear, my constant, haunting guide,
    As the glass box filled relentlessly, a rising, murky tide.
    The water climbed, relentless, to the very top at last,
    And in that suffocating moment, all seemed to be surpassed.

    I gasped for breath, but air was a memory so remote,
    In the watery abyss, I sought for a lifeline, a hopeful note.
    Yet, dreams are cruel architects, weaving tales surreal,
    For as the water claimed my essence, it was not the final seal.

    I woke, but not to freedom, another cycle soon began,
    Drowned once more in agony, in a watery, endless span.
    Ages passed in moments, a never-ending plight,

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    In the realm of dreams, a tale unfolds,
    Of a beast with eyes of fiery red, stories untold,
    Its fur, black as night, with a touch of gold's grace,
    A face like a rift, with flame's fiery embrace.

    Its body, like cooled lava, a molten sea,
    With cracks revealing fires, a burning mystery,
    Flames spat and hissed, in an unholy dance,
    In the midst of fog, a spectral, eerie trance.

    In the shrouded mists, it prowled with might,
    Three red eyes afar, in the spectral night's light,
    But as I neared, the illusion did recede,
    Two eyes remained, in my heart's wild stampede.

    Diamond claws, nails that glitter and gleam,
    A creature of wonder, from the land of dream,
    No matter where I fled, it was always there,
    A relentless hunter, in my darkest nightmare.

    Fear gripped my heart, life hanging by thread,
    As the beast closed the d...

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    Midnight Tale

    In the quiet realm of midnight's hush,
    A crow, by moonlight, did softly brush, 
    Through the open window, it did descend, 
    A curious visitor, a feathered friend.

    Its obsidian plumage, a cloak of night, 
    In the pale moon's glow, a mystic sight,
    Yet in its gaze, I found no fear,
    Just a sense of knowing, strangely near.

    In the room's soft embrace, we met, 
    A bond unspoken, a chance to beget,
    I offered morsels, a gesture kind, 
    As if our fates in the stars aligned.

    With gentle croaks, it spoke to me, 
    In dreamscape's tongue, a mystery,
    A tale of shadows, a journey vast,
    In that sacred moment, our friendship cast.

    Through the window's pane, the night did pass,
    As we shared secrets in the quiet glass,
    A crow, a dream, a friendship found,
    In the realm of d...

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    The sun shined bright
    Radiating my skin
    Yet the future is dark
    Deep within

    But hope remained my last thing
    Papa, are you still in pain?
    Part of me went with you
    Still I breath like a lost winter, a forgotten dream

    It's exhausting
    Fighting a long lost battle
    Still wanting and needing
    Gone yet still by my side

    I imagine you're still here
    Still smiling and laughing
    I knew it wasn't real
    But I kept on dreaming

    I wish I was there
    The minute you said goodbyes
    I wish you're still here
    Right here by my side

    I wonder sometimes what could've been
    If we never met
    Would I still feel all the pain?
    Will I still feel your heart beat?

    It's been months since you left this world
    I miss your joke and all your words
    The memories and pain I endure

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    The Devil's Waltz

    The rise of the fallen
    The ashes will be woken
    And I'll awaits for his return
    Precious things lay hidden

    Of cloudless horizon and darkest hour
    No time to grab the four-leaf clover
    The Devil's will come for your firstborn son
    Mark your door with the raven sign

    The building is empty but she's not alone
    Follow the crow he wants to be known
    Deal with him the rest of your life
    Because you're the sins that keeps him alive

    Pierce my skin and tear out my heart
    Hide the dagger kept it tucked away
    Keep my soul as a piece of art
    Cause I will come for you one day

    There's a place where sinners go
    You will not find it in any lore
    They'll welcome you with an open arm
    Do you hear the whisper, come to me son

    Follow the strains dance of the damned
    Almost bloodlust it begun

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    The Fallen

    D, I hadn't talked to you in so long
    Contemplating whether I belong
    I keep crashing into waves
    Without my bearings, without my compass

    D, I live in a world as big as the sea
    In me, Ebbing, back and forth
    I'm begging you to guide me
    Like those years when you were my true North
    That I could always steer for home
    You were always there whenever I felt alone

    D, I'm drowning helplessly waiting for you
    My knees are bruised from kneeling to you
    Won't you drag the sea and save my soul?
    Won't you fill in the grave of this empty hole?

    D, I'm breathing in a world of fiction
    My skin are written in a million question
    It's funny how we desire lives beyond our reach
    How we crave for love meant for others to beseech

    D, where's the key out from this dark cellar?
    Our world are divided with broken bottles...

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    We keep searching for the one
    Yet despise everyone

    We often take all things for granted
    And consistently seek a second chance

    We keep seeking answers afar
    Avoiding what's right where we are

    We dream to be in a better place
    With the comfort of a familiar face

    We yearn to be side by side listening to Mozart's
    But you can't unscar a broken heart

    We wish we were in the past
    Yet disregard the Holocaust's sorrow cast

    We daydream of the '60s, so serene
    When life seemed simpler, pristine

    We acknowledge we're capable of more
    But neglect the wisdom others implore

    We would fight and tear the world apart
    Maybe I was absent or listening to fast

    Bury those sadness in your eyes
    Because darling, this too shall pass